RCR Business Ventures is looking for an experienced software developer and engineer on a freelance basis to work with TZO Media.  The position is for authoring smart contracts in the Scilla smart contract language, but the idea candidate would be well versed in software development methodology and be able to quickly adapt one's existing skillset to this niche language.  Experience with blockchain, distributed ledgers, or smart contracts are a plus, but an advanced-level developer who can demonstrate practical cross-discipline capability is an ideal candidate.


About TZO Media

TZO began as “The Zilliqa Observer” podcast but is growing to become a media and technology provider within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.  Focusing on developing TZO as an entire network of crypto-based content, the technology portion of the venture focuses on access rights technology for both digital and physical resources such as membership content, website access, pooled ownerships, and physical authorization and identification.


The ventures being incubated by RCR Business Ventures are pre-employment startups and therefore don't offer traditional benefits. Therefore, we attempt to maintain a creative set of benefits related to schedule flexibility and work autonomy.

  • Flexible deadline-based freelance schedules
  • Hardware/software provisions (when applicable)
  • Completely remote work environment
  • Mostly project-based work (no constant grind)
  • Personality testing periodically available (MBTI, E3, etc.)